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Top 10  Japanese Kansai  Ryokan Stay

Top 10 Japanese Kansai Ryokan Stay

It is known worldwide that Japan is a popular country of service mind and rich authentic traditions blending in all perspectives. Well, are you thinking where you should start in Japan? Kinki region can be your wonderful start of your Japan’s trip, as well as Kinki or Kansai has been the heartland of Japanese culture since ancient times. Kinki region or Kansai region lies in the southern-central region of Japan whereas, the region includes the prefectures of Shiga, Kyoto, Hyogo, Mie, Nara, Osaka and Wakayama. Ryokan is another kind of Japanese symbol of accommodation that being easily recognized for Japan. We can say that you should not have missed experiences with Ryokan. 

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1. Ryokan Fushioukaku


You can book Ryokan Fushioukaku HERE and get 6% Cashback.

2. Ryotei Ryokan Miyoshi
You can book Ryotei Ryokan Miyoshi HERE and get 6% Cashback.

3. Yamatoya Honten Ryokan
You can book Yamatoya Honten Ryokan HERE and get 6% Cashback.

4. Hotel Wakamizu
You can book Hotel Wakamizu HERE and get 6% Cashback.

5. Hotel MyStays Otemae
You can book Hotel MyStays Otemae HERE and get 6% Cashback. 

6. Hotel Ichiei
You can book Hotel Ichiei HERE and get 6% Cashback. 

7. Minoosansou Kazenomori
You can book Minoosansou Kazenomori HERE and get 6% Cashback. 

8. Bettei Soan
You can book Bettei Soan HERE and get 6% Cashback. 

9. Hotel Yumeshizuku
You can book Hotel Yumeshizuku HERE and get 6% Cashback. 

10. Biwako Hanakaido
You can book Biwako Hanakaido HERE and get 6% Cashback.